"Woven” is a series of park animations that celebrate Toronto’s rich textile history, along its York Beltline – an old rail line turned green space that connects a series of Toronto’s uptown communities.

Building on the momentum of STEPS’ neighbouring and similarly themed mural – “SKEIN” – community members will weave their own stories and connect with each other in this appropriately titled series. The site specific project seeks to enrich existing community relations through a modern take on traditional art practices within this public space while encouraging intergenerational dialogue.

Six sunny Saturdays, Summer 2016 and 2017,  in the vibrant Walter Saunder's Park we connected with the community through several different textile art installations:

3000 pompoms- pompom making workshops leading to hundreds if not thousands of pompoms swaying in the tree branches. Naturally dyed yarn offerings to the birds and tree dwellers to line their nests for the winter to come.

Endless Shibori Bunting- an intro to shibori dyeing workshops in the library, street fair, and in the park, culminating in a hundreds of shibori flags fluttering throughout the park, setting the party/celebration tone for WOVEN.

Tree Weaving: a loom of tree trunks, the warp suspended between two young oaks- 10 feet long by 6 feet high- each day park visitors and community members led by Kate, STEPS team and volunteers created a complete tapestry woven in situ from recycled material. 6 tapestries over 6 days.